Major Projects in Progress
  • Construction of Rural Roads from Champion Jetty to Tapong Village for a length of 4.95 Km including 14 Nos. RCC Box Culvert I x I m size at Nancowrie Island.
  • Construction of Rural Road from Jhoola to Jhasin at Katchal including C/O 05 Nos. 1mX1m and 02 Nos . 2mX2m RCC Box Culverts.
  • "Improvement widening construction of footpath and cycle track from Govind Nagar junction to Dolphin Yatri Niwas for a length of 2050 mtr
    Agency: CM Roy Const Pvt Ltd, Agt No 70 of 13-14 Amt: 7,35,11,628/-"
  • "Improvement of Road from Subhasgram Bazar to Hathilevel under CD, Diglipur. S.W:- Improvement of Road from Subhasgram to Hathilevel (Ph-I) from 13.00 Km to 18.00 Km ( for a length of 5.00 Km).
    Agency: Uttam Kr Saha Agt NO 37/13-14 Amt: 3,91,28,522/-"
  • Construction of Sea Wall/ Shore Protection work at Mus, Car Nicobar [800 Mtr.] Phase-I. (Revised Estimate)
  • "Construction of Sea wall from Chunna Batta Forest Check Post to North Bay for a length of 3000mtr.
    Agency: M/s Manickam Entp Agt no 113/13-14 Amt: 10,49,84,654/-"
  • "Improvement, widening, construction of footpath and cycle track from Govind Nagar junction to camp No. 6 bridge for a length of 4000 mtr. (SH-4Phase-I) (Sanctioned in Impt of rural road)
    Agency: M/s OP Kandoi & Co Pvt Ltd Agt No 75/13-14 Amt: 14,02,96,977/-"
  • "Construction of Road at Gandhi Nagar including CC drain and retaining walls wherever required under CD, Diglipur. S.W:- C/o. Rural Road from Bahadur Tirkey to Gandhi Nagar- I (From 5.84 Km to 9.84 Km ) total 4.00 Km under CD, Diglipur.
    Agency: M/s P Surya Rao Agt No 120/13-14 Amt: 5,43,79,619/-"
  • "Construction of Bituminous Road towards Old Settlement area at Kalapather village, Havelock, (1535+1060 mtr) = 2595 mtr including 12 Nos. RCC Box Culvert.
    Agency: M Subramaniam, Agt No 71/13-14, Amt: 4,33,93,676/-"
  • "C/o Kamsarat Nallah water supply scheme at Wimberly Gunj South Andaman.
    SW:- C/o Earthern dam, spill way, intake well, pump house, laying of pipe lines, grouting and treatment unit i/c IEI, EEI and supply & installation of pumps and DG sets at W/gunj South Andaman.
    Agency: SMS Paryavaran Ltd SH2 New Delhi Agg No 65/12-13 Amt: 30,55,14,250/-"
  • Improvement and widening of road from INS UtKrosh gate to Bathubasti Junction SW: Extension of culverts, Construction of Culverts ,RCC Retaining wall and CC drain at different stretches. SW : Improvement and widening of existing Road from Ch.975 to Ch.4520 for a width of 4 lane 15.00 mtrs with provision of 1.0 mtr median.
  • "Repair and Re-Construction of Road from Forest Check Post to Pongi Balu Jetty under CD-III. SW:- Re-construction of Road for a length of 2600 Mtr from Forest Check Post to Pongi Balu Jetty, i/c C/o 06 Nos. Double Row Hume Pipe culvert alongwith CC drain for a length of 1100 Mtrs & Gabion structure for a length of 680 Mtr at critical sections at Pongi Balu.
    Agency: M/s KP Trading & Co. Agt No 15/10-11 Amt: 3,31,75,544/-"
  • "Construction of Additional Water Treatment Plant of 25 MLD capacity at Lambaline, Port Blair.
    Agency: M/s SMS Paryavaran Ltd
    Agt No 65 of 12-13Amt: 14,45,00,000/-. "
  • "Providing and laying of Additional pipeline from Dhanikhari to Lambaline Treatment Plant to convey additional water on raising of Dhanikhari Dam.
    Agency: M/s Surendra Inft. Pvt. Ltd Agt No: 73 of 11-12,
    Amt: 20,156,04,864/-"
  • C/o R/R from S. Roys house (Kishorinagar) to Paschim Sagar (length 6.90 km) including culverts and CC Toe wall cum drain under SD-III, CD, Diglipur.
  • "SW :- C/o RCC retaining wall, C.C. Toe wall cum drain.
    Agency: M/s P Surya Rao Agt No 128/13-14 Amt: 2,05,92,612/-."
  • "SW :- C/o Rural road including culverts
    Agency: M/s P Surya Rao Agt No 129/13-14 Amt: 7,50,79,747/-"
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